Meet us:

We are Eugenia and Vicky Loras, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, to Greek parents and have been teaching English, training teachers and managing our own businesses for over 25 and 23 years respectively. With degrees and certificates in teaching English as a Foreign Language but also in specialized fields including learning disabilities, listening, speaking, writing and reading skills, school management, a wide variety of international examinations, professional development and many others.

Eugenia Loras:

Vicky Loras:

We are now the owners of The Loras Network in Zug, Switzerland. It is a continuation of the successful and awarded language school we owned in Greece, The Loras English Academy. While providing English Language courses to non-native speakers of all ages in groups of one to five people, we also conduct teacher training seminars and workshops, as well as events for children.

Due to the international status of Switzerland, many English-speaking families have chosen us to maintain and develop their children's English language skills. We provide specialized professional courses either at our own facilities or in-house for companies and banks.

Our previous school, The Loras English Academy, was awarded for its contribution to English Language Education by the Hellenic American Union in 2005. We were fully or partially responsible for teaching English to over 2,500 students. We are authors of our own in-house publications for students and teachers.

In 2007, Eugenia was a guest speaker at the University of Ioannina on the topic of Entrepreneurship. In 2009, she was among the initial nominees for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst&Young, Greece. Eugenia also had the honour of being appointed Key Account Manager at Focus Business Center, in Zug, Switzerland (Feb. - June 2012). She is also the Co-Founder of Kyaneous, along with her husband, Thomas Mitsoulis.

Vicky was the author of the widely-read (over 200,000 views) educational blog which was awarded 5th place worldwide in 2011 in the Edublog Awards. She was also awarded 3rd place Best Speaker from the University in Lancashire in 2012 at the BESIG Summer Symposium. In 2014, she was named as one of the 42 Leading Women in Education Worldwide, by the University of Southern California. She graduated with a Masters in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Merit) from the University of Portsmouth, UK.

The story behind our logo:

The emblem we have chosen combines the Canadian maple leaf and the Swiss cross, both of which are found on the flags of these countries. The word Network means exactly that: we engage a vast network of teachers and collaborators from around the world to provide our students with top class services and skills.

At the same time, we will be forever grateful to Greece; our family roots and the home of our very first school, the Loras English Academy.

Get in touch with us:

EViTernal GmbH, The Loras Network
Riedpark 10, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Call us: +41 (0) 79 588 23 60
               +41 (0) 79 903 18 21

E-mail: loras[at]

Nearby parking spaces:

There are free parking spaces for our guests at the Riedpark area.