Extra services:

For the following services, there is no Non - Refundable Registration Fee of CHF 60 per person as these sessions are short - term or one - time.

Interview / Examination Preparation on an individual basis:

  • CHF 65 for 30 min.
  • CHF 110 for 60 min.
  • CHF 160 for 90 min.

Meeting / Speech Warm - Up on an individual basis: CHF 90 for 45 min.

Seminars / Workshops for teachers and / or parents: Registration Fee depending on event.

Events for children: Registration / Entrance Fee depending on event.

School Visits for English Language Learning click here.

Online Sessions for International Clients click here.

Greek Language Lessons for children and adults; Ancient Greek and Latin. Contact us for further details.

BULATS The Business Language Testing Service for adults and companies:

  • Reading and Listening Module (Standard Test): CHF 100.00 per test per person.
  • Speaking Test: CHF 120.00 per test per person.
  • Writing Test: CHF 120.00 per test.

The test fees include supervision and Letters of Confirmation if required click here.

Evening Conversation Classes for Adult Learners click here.

Birthday Parties click here.

The story behind our logo:

The emblem we have chosen combines the Canadian maple leaf and the Swiss cross, both of which are found on the flags of these countries. The word Network means exactly that: we engage a vast network of teachers and collaborators from around the world to provide our students with top class services and skills.

At the same time, we will be forever grateful to Greece; our family roots and the home of our very first school, the Loras English Academy.

Nearby parking spaces:

  • There are free parking spaces for our guests at the Riedpark area.

Get in touch with us:

EViTernal GmbH, The Loras Network
Riedpark 10, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Call us: +41 (0) 79 588 23 60
               +41 (0) 79 903 18 21

E-mail: loras[at]lorasnetwork.com

Nearby parking spaces:

There are free parking spaces for our guests at the Riedpark area.